Morceaux de plage à Recife - photographs of Romain Louvet - exhibition from 14/09 to 01/10 2022

"There is a certain constant in the work of Romain Louvet. It is the precision of the frame and the organization of the space, which gives each photo a particular dimension. In his previous series, Romain Louvet was more focused on landscapes and architecture of the seaside, more geo/graphical series. In the series presented here, human subjects are more present, although we find this sense of graphic composition, this concern for the frame and space. A new treatment emerges : the colors form a soft harmony, more gassy, then sometimes become tumultuous. The photos taken from a high angle view from an apartment on the seaside in Recife, show bodies composing very organized ballets. The play of shadows that accompanies them, makes you imagine the play of light, and gives the impression of figurines with which everyone can play and tell stories they want to tell".
Text "Les Editions de l'Oeil".